Thursday, 1 November 2012

Second Last Bellabox

I recently cancelled my Bellabox subscription just because I was getting quite a backlog of unused samples and I have too many bits and bobs lying around. This is the one I got for October and I will be receiving one more for November which actually works perfectly because after that I will be going overseas for my big holiday woo!

This month was all about being pretty in pink! In addition to what I have photographed up the top they also sent me a gorgeous pink heart chocolate which I couldn't wait to eat even to take a shot first haha! I have had this box for a couple of weeks now so have been able to give nearly everything a good try.

The Estee Lauder resilience lift is like a slightly cloudy/creamy serum that you can put on any time of day, as often as you want, even over make-up for an instant skin lift. I notice it makes my skin really perky and smooth as I put it on and I love it! They said on the info that over time it can even boost collagen levels in your skin and promote skin elasticity. Not a cheapie though, so might not be buying this one soon but maybe one day. The Clinique turnaround concentrate had the same feel and texture of the resilience lift but claims to work as a serum that accelerates the renewal of skin cells on your face. I have been trying so many different things on my face lately, it's hard to attribute any success to one particular thing but using both of these I have had no problems at all and I am liking the improvements I am seeing regardless!

I was happy to receive TWO lippies in my Bellabox this month. Both pink of course, one, a shimmery and glossy shade from elf and another a pink-stick balm from carmex. Carmex balms never fail to moisturise my lips as I sometimes have problems with this working under harsh air-conditioners (haha poor me) and in an indoor smoking environment. I love how I can whack carmex on and let it work its magic, keeping my lips comfortable and even helping them heal when they get chapped or broken. 

Not sure if I am a fan of this shade but will be sure to try the claimed 'instant drying' effect as soon as my nails recover from my last visit to the nail salon (I got acrylics done for a photo shoot). 

As you can see this was a very little sample but I was so pleased to see it came with a tiny little push-pump at the top so I didn't have to drop and rub it onto my skin like with so many other fragrance samples, very convenient! This scent didn't really do much for me. It is fresh but I found it very, very floral. I know this is a very popular scent but I guess it's obviously not for everyone.

I have used this twice on my hair after washing it but never got around to blowdrying it. I just let it dry naturally so I can't really comment yet on wether or not it really reduced blow drying time. I did like how it wasn't sticky at all, like many heat protectors and it didn't weigh my hair down or make it look like it was full of product. Some promising qualities, will have to get around to actually doing my hair properly!


  1. I cancelled my Bellabox subscription too, it's an extra expense I just can't afford at the moment and like you I have a heap of samples to still go through. The October box was my last one so I'm keen to see what's in the next few boxes!

    1. Haha hopefully having a look won't cause any painful regrets!

  2. the goodies in bellabox look so much more interesting and 'usable'! didn't really like my glossybox products and like you, the samples (of many things I don't use) were just piling up so i decided to cancel it. could use the $15 for better things!

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