Sunday, 25 November 2012

Some Kristen Stewart Sneakers

Some Kristen Stewart Sneakers

Frye shoes / Converse / Keds ® shoes, $48 / Converse sneaker / Converse sneaker, $69 / Canvas Authentic / Womens Nike Starlet Saddle Cvs

Lately I have been really into Kristen Stewart's original comfy, casual style. She used to wear sneakers just about all the time but recently since scoring a job with Balenciaga she has obviously been wearing a lot of their clothes (which I will be having a sneaky look at when I go to Barneys in New York soon!) and looking a lot more 'high fashion' and less casual. 

To feed my little obsession lately I have put together this little collection of some of the shoes I have seen her wearing the most. I have had the black Converse high tops since I was 14 and have just started wearing them again recently as I try some of my 'K-Stew' inspired outfits. I have never owned a pair of the low-tops so might have to grab a red and white pair on my travels coming up. Not sure if the Nikes are exactly the same as hers but they are very similar. She has a pair of blue Vans but apparently they are a limited release from 1996 and very hard to get hold of so I posted a similar pair in my collage. I like these black keds even if they do look very basic and simple. I have probably already mentioned that the Frye Kira sneakers are on my definite shopping list. I will be getting a pair of low tops in grey and high tops in black (just like Kristen haha!). 

Which celebrity styles do you look to for fashion inspiration? Are you like me and do you like to hunt for exact matches?

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