Thursday, 25 October 2012

MY NEW FRYE BOOTS! (warning, lots of pics)

I had recently been looking around for a new pair of military style lace up boots. There were many that I nearly bought but for one reason or another just didn't make the cut. I was having a browse on my favourite shopping website and saw that the Frye Engineer 8R boot in black was one of their very top sellers. Looking at the pictures on the site I didn't think much of these boots to start with until I had a quick squizz on google images to see tons of celebrities and fashion bloggers alike wearing these boots. I became hooked. I could see so many different ways of wearing these shoes and I loved all of the different styles. They looked so amazing and versatile when worn as  opposed to looking a bit plain and boring on the revolve website. 

I am a bit of a sucker for buying 'the exact thing' I see a celebrity wearing, so when I saw the likes of Keira Knightley, Miley Cyrus and Minka Kelly wearing them it only made me want them even more! I got them in the mail soon after ordering them and have been wearing them every day since! I can't get enough of them they are amazing! I only hope it won't be too hot to wear them with shorts as summer approaches here in Australia but still, they are going to be PERFECT for my trip overseas coming up in December. But enough of my raving for now, here are some pics. Enjoy looking at my boots modelled by me in my purple galaxy leggings from blackmilkclothing and have fun thinking about all the weird and wonderful positions I had to twist myself into taking these photos haha!

The standard shot

le bottom

le inside of boot

le bottom of inside of shoe

side views

the white stuff you see in these couple of photos is just the really old carpet coming off onto my boots. I brushed it off and it was fine

These complete the look of wearing leggings and an oversized tee/sweater and look really badass too. They also look fantastic with a range of dresses. I have worn them with skimpy tight clubbing dresses as well as cute flowing spring dresses. They have heaps of room around the leg so you can fit them over your jeans too. They look amazing paired up with jeans and a leather jacket!

Because these boots are so popular they go in and out of stock all the time but revolve seems to keep good stock of them. I got mine for $215 which isn't super cheap but these boots are built to last through the ages with super sturdy oil resistant leather.

My feet fit in shoes anywhere between an Aussie 8-9. 8 usually fits, sometimes 8.5 and if its a really tight shoe for some reason I will go for a 9 but then the shoe will always have plenty of room. I can squeeze my feet into a 7 if there are no other sizes available and I am desperate for the shoe. I ordered these in a size 8 (Aus and US womens shoe sizes are the same) and they fit perfectly. Not to tight, not too loose. Initially I found them a little hard to get on, as I had to get used to the way my foot would slide and then 'pop' into the bottom bit of the boot. I found there was a little bit of tightness around the arches of my feet but this has gone away as I have worn the boots in more. If you are worried about the sizing being too small then get a half size up. I think that doing that the only problem you MIGHT have would be a little bit of extra room around the heel but they're not going to fall off either way because of the style.

I now have my sights set on the Kira High Top sneaker after seeing Kristen Stewart wearing them here and there (as much as she is criticised for having little facial expression, I love her hair and style!). I have a bit more research to do and a bit more saving before buying them though!

 What do you think of my Frye boots? What are your favourite shoes right now? Do you have boots similar to these and are just as infatuated with them as me?


  1. thanks for visiting my blog hun.. im following you now!! your blog is cool btw xx

  2. thanks for the visit dear. I love the boots and the leggings! following you now

  3. I adore those boots!! I really really want them. They look so great for the winter weather which is coming up in the UK!!


  4. Love these! I invested in a really similar pair from Next for winter coming up, much needed! xo

  5. nice leggins :DD


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