Wednesday, 7 November 2012

October Wishlist

October Wishlist

Wildfox Couture black boatneck sweater

I love this sweater! If I didn't already have two printed white Wildfox jumpers I would have bought this one in an instant, its so cute! It's nearly summer here in Australia too so I would hardly get to wear it :-(

Furry vest
$645 -

I have been seeing a lot of fur vests here and there lately and I like the look. Again, very much a winter item and my timing is terrible but I will perhaps be keeping an eye out for one of these during my upcoming travels.

$160 -

After my recent FRYE boots purchase I have really gotten into the brand and now have an eye for these kira sneakers. I want the high-top version though but I couldn't find a pic of them in black so here are the low tops. Cute too I think! Very Kristen Stewart too, who I like to channel in my style choices.

True Religion Brand Jeans 'Western Horseshoe' Baseball Cap

I see these hats all the time and can't wait to bag myself one when I visit the states!

Face care

I have been meaning to grab a face mask from lush for quite some time now but I can never decide which one to try first, they all look so delicious!

What have you been lusting over lately?


  1. Hey Kimmy, I'm in Perth too as well as a couple other bloggers - would you be interested in a meet up? drop me a line)))

  2. lovely list!

    X Jenny


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