Monday, 1 October 2012

September Bellabox

This month's Bellabox came with some interesting goodies! Along with a bunch of great new samples I received a $15 voucher to use at I haven't tried everything yet so instead of doing full reviews of each product I will just do a quick share and if your have any questions or are particularly interested in anything here in particular then ask me in the comments and I will be sure to get back to you.

I got a cute little sample of the 'It's potent!' eye cream from Benefit. I usually use 'all about eyes' from Clinique but am really looking forward to trying something new when my next pot runs out. Actually, I am saving this sample for when I go travelling in December, along with a heap of other sample pots of my beauty regime products. I was more than impressed with the 'porefessional' from Benefit so am looking forward to giving this one a spin.

This concealer kit from saviour faire contains four different shades of concealers and two powders to go along with them. I have gotten into the habit of using the darker shades to give my face contour and the lighter shades for highlights. I am still experimenting with some ways to change the look of the shape of my face using this kit but so far so good! I'm hoping to get a bit more confidence using different coloured concealers to shape my face before buying some full sized foundations in different shades. 

These were two samples I got from Bioderma. The blue one on the right was a facial wash cleanser. It was really small and I was a bit let down by this because it was only enough to use it a couple of times, especially when Bellabox has sent me plenty of full-sized similar samples before. Not really enough to get a good idea of wether or not a facial wash will work for me. I have been using the one on the left as a spot treatment for acne and it seems to work quite well. I am still going through a similar sample from my last Bellabox and with all the great products I am receiving I don't seem to be getting as much acne as I did before!

I was not really a huge fan of the last product I got from this brand but am yet to try this one. It is suppose to be a sort of all-purpose styling product. It smells nicer than the grassy one from the last Bellabox. I am thinking I will try it in my future attempts to replicate a 'Kristen Stewart' hairstyle, using it to pump up the roots of my fringe and hair around my face before letting the rest of it drop down and flow to my shoulders. Only time can tell!

This was a really interesting find! It is a body moisturiser but it comes in a spray can and comes out of the can like hair mousse. You spray it into your hands or straight onto your skin like any other mousse and spread it around. It gets absorbed by my skin super quickly and leaves my legs feeling fresh and moisturised. I think you need to use it quite liberally because it gets absorbed so quickly it can be hard to spread but not if you use plenty. Something I have never seen before and I do quite like the idea. We may or may not be seeing a lot more products like this one in the future. Keep an eye out and try one out if you get the chance!

What are your most recent favourite samples?

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  1. I've never heard of the bellabox, really want that benefit 'It's potent'!


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