Wednesday, 10 October 2012

LUSH: "Sweety Pie" and "It's Raining Men"

I bought these two body washes a while ago but kind of forgot I had them and now I have been using them a lot recently because I can't get enough of these wonderful smells! I started using them when I ran out of my usual Palmers cocoa body wash and now I'm not sure if I want to go back!

What I love about both of them is how they fill the bathroom with their aroma after a shower as well as leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and gently scented. Their smells are indeed what drove me to buy them both from the shops.

Ace was helping me blog today!
The main ingredient in this body wash is honey! This worried me a little as I thought it would be sticky and difficult to wash this but there was no problems at all. It squeezes out of the bottle like honey but it is far less 'syrupy' than pure honey. It makes a light lather and I use it all over my body, I haven't tried it in my hair though like it says you can!

With flash so you can see more of the sparkles

Sweety pie smells so amazing, if you are a fan of blackcurrant you absolutely cannot go past this one! I wish they made this jelly in more flavours, a strawberry, honey or vanilla version of this stuff would drive me wild! The jelly stays together so you need to cut it up or scratch/scoop out sections with your fingers to use it. I take a little bit and scrub it into my loofah. It bubbles up like crazy and you only need a very small amount, this will last you a very long time! It has tons of blue sparkles all through it that don't show up much in my photos and I haven't noticed any left on my skin after a wash but still a nice touch I think!

What are your favourite body washes at the moment?


  1. I was so entertained by the lush products I almost did not notice that adorable little ferret. What a cutie! Great post :) I am still in search for a good body wash. Maybe I will give one of these a try.

    1. Haha yes he is a sneaky little helper! Definitely do if you can get your hands on them, very affordable too!

  2. Ahh your ferret is adorable!! I went in the Lush shop last Sunday and I totally know what you mean about the textures my boyfriend was like no way are you going to put that on your face! (about the cupcake face mask) but not to be fooled, it left my face feeling lush and it smelt beautiful!!! xx

  3. I am in love with the "it's raining men' shower gel! I love the scent of it! Your ferret is sooooo adorable!


  4. Oh I want to try the jelly thingie now))


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