Thursday, 21 June 2012

A New Dressing Table!

Today I went shopping with my old housemate and picked up this gem...

Matching Stool

I got it at Homeart, you can have another look at it here

It was $179 for the table and $39.99 for the matching stool. I had been looking for one of these for years without finding anything in my price range until this came along. I am so happy especially because now I can use the two side mirrors to check on all my messy top buns and how they look from behind. It has four little drawers for storage too, wee!

My friend Eevee on his new perch

If you are wondering why I am so excited about this or judging me for having a splurge then have a look at what I was using as my hair and make-up station up until now...

So, suffice to say this purchase was more than justified!!


  1. What a beautiful dressing table :O I want one myself but the furniture Im using for my makeup at the moment is pretty good too :)
    Ive always wanted a dressing table like that though :)
    You have a very lovely blog sweetie :)

  2. Cutest dressing table ever. Reminds me of one my mum had yearssssss ago!
    Great find!! :)

  3. Ohh I LOVE it! Id love something like that to match my bedroom furniture colour which is a light/warm wood. By the looks of it, you really needed it =P hehe Awesome buy

  4. oh my gosh, this is my dream dressing table. i am SO jealous of you right now!


  5. Hi Kimmy,
    I loved your choice! It's so beautiful particularly the fabrics work and cosmetics took nice place for dressing table.

  6. Wow, It such a great design in the tables. It look so beautiful with it style, colours and storages.Kids Car Beds


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