Monday, 18 June 2012

My Eyeliners: The New, Old and Very Old!

I was going through my old make-up bags and throwing out some old stuff when I found a bunch of things that I decided were still useable. The main things I kept were eyeliners and mascaras so I thought I would have a bit of fun, line them all up and write a bit about each one.

From left to rightLava Gloss Super Glossy Eyeliner in Pitch Black : $8.99 Mineral Eye Pencilin Onyx : $14.95 pricelineEyeliner Pencil in Peacock : under $5 ice cosmeticsRevlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black : $10-15 pricelineKorres Eyeliner Pencil in 25 (white) : $29.95 kit cosmeticsTwo Mehron Pencils: included in a theatre/stage make-up kit
MAC Liquid Eyeliner: $37 Myer
The two mehron pencils came from a huge stage-makeup kit. I am an actor so tend to have quite a few mehron products for my theatre doings. As you might imagine, stage-makeup is thick and defined. It is not supposed to look natural. It is designed to accentuate your facial features so that the audience can see your expression under a billion different kinds of harsh lights and from a distance. The eyebrows are the most expressive features of your face, so this is how I came to keep using these two pencils. I sometimes use the brown one to darken my eyebrows for costume make-up or whenever I want to look slightly more exotic or defined. The black one was from I was a sad clown in a children’s theatre production, and I used it to draw all around my eyes as well as a black teardrop on my cheek. Come to think of it, I actually used the black one as a kung-fu panda and a kitten as well, see the photos below. Both the brown and the black one are thick, greasy and lasting…. perfect!

Some of my stage roles featuring the mehron pencils

I bought the BYS pencil because I remember seeing a girl at work wearing blue eyeliner on her waterline and it looked amazing! I hardly ever wear it because I am not very adventurous in my make-up from day-to-day and prefer just to use black to outline my eyes and make them look bigger.

I use the white korres eyeliner on my waterline quite frequently because it works with a lot of different looks and makes your eyes seriously pop, even with black eyeliner underneath or a dark smoky look. This one was a bit of a splurge at $29.99 from Kit Cosmetics, but I bought it when I was really getting into the store (mainly because they are the only shop you can get ‘Too Faced’ products in Western Australia), and the girl in the shop recommended the brand because it is ‘all natural’. The colour is really solid and the texture is nice and creamy without smudging unintentionally. I have used some cheaper brands of white eyeliner and have been disappointed when you need layers and layers for it to actually come on white. 

The Revlon liquid eye pen is the one I use nearly everyday. I am a huge fan winged eyeliner looks and liquid felt pens make it super-easy for clumsy users like me to create. I can create a super-thin line by using just the tip of the pen or I can glide it over my lids on a slant to make a thicker line. The only problem I seem to have with this one is that when I have a lot of shimmery eye-shadow on, I have to go over the line a couple of times to get a solid black colour because the eye shadows stick to the pen. (I don’t know if this is a fault of the eyeliner or the eye shadows or me trying to put on eyeliner before the shadows have set…)

I bought the prestige mineral eyeliner pencil because well, I needed a pencil to outline my eyes (top and bottom) as well as for the occasions when I wanted a black waterline. I wanted a cheapie. I also wanted one that created a definite line and wouldn’t smudge (lines, not a smoky look). This one lived up to my selections but it is quite rough. It also crumbles whenever I try to sharpen it but I think this is because I dropped it at some stage. 

Last week I went into Myer looking for a liquid eyeliner that wasn’t in a pen. I watched a youtube video where the girl used Lancome Artliner and I was SOLD…..until I saw the price tag. I had banned myself from online purchases for at least 2 weeks (I have to do this because I actually have an online shopping problem) and in store this eyeliner costs $52!! I shopped around and settled with MAC liquid eyeliner. It has the same consistency and applicator as the one I saw in the video and I was quite pleased when I tried it on. I am still not that great at putting on liquid eyeliner so I make a bit of a mess whenever I try to put it on but I think part of that is because it is so pigmented too! (lots of black to get all over my face haha).  

I just received the black lava gloss pencil in the mail yesterday after ordering it from I LOVE IT! I was worried because I only realised there was a matte and a gloss one after I paid for the order, but the gloss one doesn’t seem ‘glossy’ to be but is a perfect black liner for anything. I have already used it to create a winged look, and it is also smooth and soft on the water line so you can use it to line the entire outline of the eye for a ‘cat-eye’ look. It is creamy so can be gently smudged to blend into eye shadow if you didn’t want a definite line too. I am a big fan of Two Faced cosmetics and this liner definitely didn’t let me down. I would really recommend this as an all-rounder black eye pencil.

Left to right, corresponding to image above
Phew!.... Well that took me longer than I thought it would. Stay tuned and I will list my mascaras in the next couple of days. Have you used any of these eyeliners? Do you agree with me? What are your favourites and do you have any that you would recommend?

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