Sunday, 24 June 2012

June Wishlist

June Wishlist

NARS Cosmetics blush
$28 -

Too faced cosmetic
£36 -

€17 -

NARS Cosmetics makeup brush
$52 -

Lancôme eyeliner
$30 -

Stila beauty product
$38 -

Clinique beauty product
$37 -

Forever Youth Liberator Serum 30ml
£60 -

Here are a few things I have been keeping my eyes on but haven't been able to bring myself to purchase (yet!) for one reason or another (mainly money). I am still waiting for my NARS order from where I ordered a blush in 'Gina', but I am still wanting to try 'Orgasm' because just about every blog I look at raves about it and I feel left out without it. I will probably get it this coming Saturday as I am going into Mecca for an event where I get to spend $50 on whatever NARS product I want after my makeover. 

I love the Too Faced natural at night palette but can't justify buying it as I already have the original natural eye palette... I will just have to wait for another Too Faced palette that is completely different to anything I have.

Urban Decay Primer Potions - I only have a tester tube that I got as a gift with another order. I used it up very quickly (duh!) but these are hard to get a hold of in Australia so I am waiting for my next big online haul or perhaps when I go to Canada and NY at the end of the year this will need to be on my shopping list.

I bought a NARS brush in previously mentioned order that I suspect will be arriving tomorrow or the day after and nearly bought this one too but it is not cheapies and I am trying to be good and save my money so this one missed out for now...

Lancome Artliner - Love the way it looks and seems to glide on effortlessly in every youtube tutorial I watch, but, too expensive and too many cheaper alternatives.

The Clinique and Stila BB creams are two that I want to try. I will probably go for the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector as it is very cheap and seems like a good one to try as a first BB cream to go for. I have read that the Clinique one provides a lot of coverage which is something I would go for as my skin is really acne prone and a bit scarred from my teenage years. I might get it this Saturday when I go shopping depending on how much I can save during the week. The stila one seems to be a bit different to most the rest as it offers a range of benefits but does NOT have an SPF protection as it is built especially to make your skin look good being photographed. Many creams with sunscreen in them will make your skin look shiny or oily in a photo. Not sure if Mecca stocks this one or not but I know it will be a long time before I try this one (if ever) as it is quite pricey and again there are a lot of good alternatives that I can go for. 

Forever Youth Liberator Serum - Woooo! I think you would be lying if you had heard of this and said you didn't want to try it. This is going straight into my daily skin care routine as soon as my current 'age defence' cream runs out. I have a friend who works an a department store that sells this who can get me 'special price' haha so yes this one is just a matter of time. 

Another web/blog/vlog famous item, the coastal scents 88 palette. So many different options to try, looks to create (and re-create from tutorials). It isn't too expensive, just hasn't found its way into any of my online shopping carts. I think it will one day because it just looks like so much fun to use! 

Stay tuned for the arrival of my NARS haul from kissandmakeup! I have been working lots of overtime hours to make up for the purchase...



  1. I have a Nars blush on my wishlist too!
    Which colour is it though?
    The one i want is Luster :) x


  2. I mention in the first paragraph that I want to try 'Orgasm' because I seem to be the only blogger who hasn't already snapped it up. I'm still new to NARS and it just wasn't the first shade I went for because I didn't have a peach blush which is why I went for 'Gina' first. But yes might be grabbing 'Orgasm' this weekend :-) (Its so weird talking about some make-up shades when they have kinky names lol. Your blog is beautiful!

    1. Oops sorry i must have missed it! i went straight to the descriptions part, and you totally have to get the Orgasm one! I have it and it's definetly one of my favourites! Now i want to try the Super Orgasm!
      I know all of the names are kinky but still cute hehe :)
      Thank you so much! x


  3. I'm really wanting a NARS blusher at the moment too!!

    Kate x

  4. The YSL serum is amazing! But so so expensive for such a small amount :( haha Orgasm will look great on you xo

    As for the costal scents palette you can get them on ebay for like 10 bucks just without the brand name on them, they are all the same though. I have one - its alright not very good quality but if u need those shades then its alright.

  5. Hey! Just to let you know that I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, to find out more, head over to my blog x

  6. Hey Kimmy! I nominated you to the Liebster Blog Award! Go to my blog to find out what you need to do! :) x


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