Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream

I was shopping in the city a while back and stumbled across this small Korean cosmetics store called 'The Face Shop' in Piccadilly Arcade (Perth). I was starting to get into the craze of BB creams and had a few samples from Mecca and Kit cosmetics waiting to be tested. In this shop I found a huge range of different BB creams with different qualities and levels of cover. I tried out the Miracle Cover and Power Perfection BB creams as they were the two creams with the highest level of cover. I was inclined to go for the Miracle Cover just because it was the absolute thickest but the girl informed me the Power Perfection one was the most popular and still had good coverage so I tried it as well. I was so impressed I nearly bought it right there and then but held my impulses and went home with the sample pack.

This BB cream comes in two shades, light beige and natural beige: natural beige being slightly darker. They only had samples in the darker shade and I was worried that it would be too dark for me as I am pretty much as pale as pale can be and always seem to match the very lightest shades of foundations in most ranges however the natural beige in this BB cream matched me perfectly! I think that if you are worried about it being too dark you can always use a slightly lighter powder over the top or vice versa. 

As long as I can get my hands on this stuff I AM NEVER USING FOUNDATION AGAIN!! I love how I can just whack this on my face and rub it in like a moisturiser instead of having to meticulously blend foundation. It is so convenient for someone lazy like me. It leaves a slightly dewey effect on my skin but I just dab on some powder to complete my full cover, matte face look. 

It is a little bit on the pricey side at around $50 a pop, but you get a very decent amount in this 40g bottle and you only need a very small amount to cover your entire face perfectly. It comes with a pump to make sure you don't use too much. I use one pump each time and it is more than enough. I think a reason that this one is more popular than the Miracle Cover one is because this one has an SPF37 and supposed anti-wrinkle effects included as well as a high level of coverage.

I didn't want to do this post until I had a better camera and could take photos of my face before and after using this amazing BB cream but I know that is going to be a while away still and I couldn't wait any longer to share this great product! It lasts all day on me without smudging or fading. I have read that some people with particularly oily skin find that oil control is average and diminishes slightly after a few hours depending on the weather. I don't think you can go wrong with this in winter though. 

Have you tried any other products from The Face Shop? What is your favourite BB Cream?


  1. Thanks for this review! :) I want to try it now..ehehe I'm using the Aloe Fresh Toner, Lovely Cheek Stick, Lovely Perfume Stick and a hand mositurizer from The Face Shop. :) My fave BB Cream is Precious Mineral by Etude House and sasatinnie BB Cream in Rose :)


    1. Will have to check out the precious mineral one then, getting a bit obsessed with BB creams!

  2. Great review!! =D I think I might try a sample too!

    I have tried a couple of the face masks from there. They are really good! =]

  3. Wow, this sounds really great! I think for fifty dollars I'd only be leaving with the sample too, haha. It's good to see it works so well for you!

  4. i've tried a moisturizer from them and it's great i want to try other products, i know they make good quality stuff :)
    thanks for sharing!!
    hope you stop by and say hi


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