Sunday, 12 August 2012

My First NOTD - Casino Nails

Working as a dealer at a casino, my hands are constantly in full view and scrutiny so it is important for me to keep my nails looking clean, neat and up kept at the very least. Sometimes though, I decide to do a little extra and I go for this look.

Please excuse the dodgyness on my 'bad' hand haha!

I used two coats of Revlon nail enamel in 050 White on White. I chose it because it was the only matte white I could find in the shops at the time. I didn't want anything shimmery or pearly because I just wanted the white on my nails to look like the white of the cards. I have to be very careful when applying the two coats because if one is uneven it will very quickly look streaky and have clear patches. I'm sure that if you have any level of skill with nail polish (unlike me) you will be fine but I am tempted to try using a white-out pen for this next time because I'm thinking it might be easier!

For the suits I used these little nail art stickers that I found on eBay for around $5 for a pack of 20. Again, if you have some skill you would probably be able to paint on the suits using a red and a black polish along with a tooth pick, dotting on the details. I might try it one day, as the stickers don't last very long (a couple of days) and it looks a bit strange when they fall off.

I get a lot of compliments from the pit bosses and players when I do my nails like this for work. Everyone thinks that it is so cute and job-appropriate, I agree! :-)

I have bought a few new cheap yet amazing nail colours recently and I can't wait to share them with you all so expect to see more NOTD posts soon.


  1. Your nails are amazingly cute ! Love it xx

  2. Cute nails! I'd love it if we can follow each other. Would you want to do that? =) Hope you check out my blog! Thanks.

  3. Love this! And would love to work at a Casino, sounds fun! :) x


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