Sunday, 26 August 2012

August Wishlist

August Wishlist

Wildfox Couture knit sweater

Had my eyes on this one for aaagess but have never been able to justify the price-tag and I have a few similar black jumpers that I can wear to make the look of this one but I still like it!

Printed legging

I wouldn't wear these leggings with the jumper, they just happen to be on my watch list. I love blackmilk leggings and these ones look pretty funky to me!

Pastry flat shoes
$89 -

I am really liking the look of these wedge sneakers and hi-top shoes that I have been seeing around on a lot of fashion blogs lately. Still having a look around for a pair that I want to buy for myself. 

Mac cosmetic

On my list to buy in America because it is too expensive here in Australia. Florabundance seems like a great pinky nude shade to pair up with dramatic eye looks.

Lip gloss

Another great lip-gloss shade that I have tried in the shops and am waiting to purchase cheaper when over-seas. Gosh, I am doing so well at saving up and not being so impulsive this month!

Body moisturizer
$235 -

Have heard great things about the formula of the La Mer skin care range. For the body moisturiser you get a massive pot (and a massive price-tag to go along with it!). This one may have to wait until summer when I actually start showing off my freshly moisturised legs!

And yes, I want a puppy. That is why there is a lovely little Basset-Hound sitting in my wish-list. Puppies are probably going to make a regular appearance in my wish-lists as I never had the idea that polyvore would let me add things like that haha!


  1. Awww I want the puppy too!!!

    I really like the big baggy jumper =]

  2. those printed leggings are so hott!! they can make any outfit look edgy!
    love your blog, just started following!

    xoxo, monica sofia

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