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June Bellabox

Straight from the post...

The box within the box

I recently signed up for a monthly subscription to Bellabox, a beauty sampler available in Australia. I heard of these sample boxes and loved the idea of being able to try a whole bunch of new, popular and upcoming products without having to buy the whole thing first. Sign up for your own here! (Please do, I get referral points!)

This was my first sampler box, and I wasn't disappointed! Here is what I found inside...

The theme for this months Bellabox was 'Winter Escape' and included "a sumptuous range of cheery products to help you feel like singing in the rain!" I was full of squee as I rummaged through the box and started the initial product testing. (The prices I have listed are for the full product). 

Kiss Nail Dress AU $13.99

What They Say:

"Kiss Nail Dress kits are the ultimate in high fashion nails. Not for the girl who likes just a clear topcoat, these press-on patterns and colors are meant to be eye catching and provocative. Bright colors and mixed with sparkle and shine make this the go-to product for at-home manicures that have a professional “wow” factor. Express your inner wild child with this standout product."

What I Say:

I thought I would get this one out of the way first because this is the only sample I havent actually used yet. I am still waiting until I can stop biting my nails so they grow a little bit and I actually have something to stick them on. Working in a casino dealing table games, my hands are pretty visible the centre of attention a lot of the time so keeping neat nails is an important part of our grooming standards. I don't know how I get away with it sometimes! Either way, I really like the pattern I received and am looking forward to giving these a full shot.

The Porefessional by benefit AU $58

What They Say:

"What woman doesn't want to have poreless skin reminiscent of an expertly re-touched celebrity magazine cover? Benefit Cosmetics offers you the opportunity without the rigors and expenses associated with high profile photo shoots.
Their POREfessional balm minimizes the appearance of pores in an easy-to-apply lightweight formula that creates a flawless looking canvas for underneath your makeup, or to wear on its own. It works for all skin tones, and has Vitamin E to protect your skin from damaging free radicals. Shrink the visibility of your pores today!"
What I Say:

EEEE!! I love it! When I first looked at this I just thought, hrmm, another primer, oh well I may as well try the sample. As soon as it touched the skin on my face I was impressed. The texture is sooo silky I can hardly describe it. When I put it on my T-zone I immediately saw a reduction in the appearance of my pores and as I put it over the rest of my face I couldn't stop touching my skin because it felt so soft. I put my foundation on after and was shocked at how easy it was to blend it with this on underneath. I have used it under my make-up and once instead of make-up just because I loved the way my skin felt and looked after putting this balm on. My sample is already running out but I think I will invest the painful $58 in this one when I get my next pay check because it works so well for me. Head into store and give it a try, seriously. 

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Cream AU $104

What They Say:

"This cream is not only a beautiful translucent shade, replete with a subtle floral scent, it's also an incredibly effective humectant with ingredients that maximize your skin's ability to hold on to its own moisture and rebuild your hydro-lipid film.
Pure Hyaluronic acid instantly moisturizes the surface of your skin while brown algae extract reduces the loss of moisture through the top layers of your epidermis. The result is touchably soft and smooth skin that with regular use has a perpetually youthful glow."
What I Say:
It's nice, steer clear if perfumes in moisturisers bother you however I quite like them. It doesn't completely stand out for me as I don't consider myself to have dry skin at the point where it becomes problematic so I will probably stick to my regular moisturiser as it does it for me. 

Pure Fiji Body Butter AU $29.95

What They Say:
"From a brand known for its commitment to environmentally friendly products and botanical ingredients comes this amazingly rich, sumptuous body butter. If you suffer from dry skin, this cream will instantly give you the soft, supple skin you want.
A unique blend of exotic nut extracts locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. But that's not all. The inclusion of milk proteins help firm and mask fine lines. Soy and passion flower help calm stressed skin, too. The first time you apply, this luscious product will feel like an indulgence. The next time you apply, superior results will have made it a necessity. Enjoy!"

What I Say:
Again, it's nice and smells nice. Used it after shaving my legs and my skin absorbed it really well. I am already committed to a body butter which I have been using since my teenage years and have never gone back on it so this one from Bellabox, unfortunately, wont replace it.

Phytocare Pure Papaya Ointment with Calendula AU $6.60

What They Say:
"After years of research, Phytocare's Managing Director realized the long-term harmful effects of a common product used in many skincare products: Petrolatum. You won't find a trace of it in this amazingly versatile ointment. What you will find is a combination of natural, organic ingredients that bring healing, moisturizing properties to your skin.
Use it on your lips, cheeks, elbows or any other dry part of your body, including irritated nipples due to breastfeeding. It also works wonders on the delicate parts of a baby that are susceptible to diaper rash. When you buy this ointment you're also helping to support the village women who harvest Shea kernels used in its production. The women use their proceeds to build schools and health facilities in the Burkina Faso region of West Africa."

What I Say:
I got the full-sized product in my Bellabox and immediately started comparing it to my 'Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment', a fair comparison I think. I could write a full review and face-off on the both but that is another post all together so I will just go over a couple of points that stood out to me now. I'm quite sure that Lucas' Pawpaw is a staple in most Aussie girls' beauty bag because of its versatility. The Phytocare one is opaque and creamy in appearance where as the Lucas one is clear and glossy. I feel that the Phytocare one is easier to rub in and is absorbed quicker than the Lucas ointment. Both are Australian made and owned which is always a plus in my books. Despite how much I use my pawpaw ointment, I can't ever remember having to go back and buy more (because it never seems to run out), so I cant tell wether I will go and buy this one having been given a full sample but I would absolutely recommend it.

Olea Olive Leaf Drops by Comvita AU $7.45

What They Say:
"These amazing supplement drops provide you with 400% more antioxidant power than an equal amount of Vitamin C. They have approximately double the power of Green Tea extract and 30 times more antioxidants than an equal amount of the highest quality virgin olive oils.
Olive Leaf Australia prides itself on cultivating the most effective olive plants, at the most effective time of day to bring you a supplement with serious anti-aging power. They believe nature is the key to a better quality of life, and we agree! Start to combat the signs of aging from the inside out with Olea Olive Leaf Drops."

What I Say:
These are yummy! I thought they were a bit of a random thing to put in a beauty sampler box and I find the 'combat the signs of ageing with these' claim a little hard to believe but hey why not?. I was expecting a eucalyptas-y/lemon-y taste from these but they are more sweet and creamy like butterscotch lollies. I gave a couple to my boyfriend as he was suffering from 'man-flu' the day I got my Bellabox. Not a bad little thing to keep in your car or handbag for a vitamin C and antioxidant boost. I laughed at how in the 'directions for use' they felt the need to specify "Slowly dissolve one drop in your mouth at a time. Repeat up to five times daily." Hahaha....thankyou! I'm so glad we cleared that one up!

Fan Di Fendi Fragrance

What They Say:
"Not for the tame of heart, this fragrance is bold, deep and as beautiful as the bottle its packaged in. Fendi calls it sensual, playful and electrifying; we have to agree!
pear and blackcurrant mixed with tangerine, enriched with pink peppercorns comprise your top notes, which are refreshing and vibrant. The middle notes are made of Damascena rose, yellow jasmine and tuberose. Finally, a rich base note of leather and patchouli finish off this divine scent."

What I Say:
For me, this fragrance is super-floral, which I don't really like. I get the leather base note and it makes me think of the Fendi bags haha. I don't really have a lot to say except this one just isn't for me, I think my Mum would really like it though.

Well, there is my June Bellabox. Did anyone get anything different? Or have you tried any of these products and agree/disagree? Let me know what you think!


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