Thursday, 20 September 2012

NOTD - Australis Aqua

A friend of mine was wearing this shade recently and it immediately caught my attention. This nail colour from Australis is called 'Aqua' (funnily enough). I think this is such a great unique and bold color. I didn't have anything like it and wanted to try something new so for just $3.99 I snapped up this little bargain.

The bottle says 'streak-free' and when I tested this, comparing it to the application of some of my other nail colours, I found that it doesn't look streaky at all! It seems to spread out evenly on my nail when I 'glob' it on. The colour is a tiny bit transparent on the first coat but as you can see it is bright, matte and solid with two even coats.

I have been getting so many compliments on my nails since wearing this colour as it is such a standout! I am so glad my friend was wearing this that day I spotted it because this is a colour I probably never would have even looked at on the shelf otherwise. Just goes to show you should always try new things (especially if they are cheap!). 

I was looking around and found a lot of minty green colours that I liked but I think this one is slightly more unique being more on the blue side. I think I might look for a nice pastel violet/lavender colour next!

What do you think of Australis Aqua? What is your favourite nail colour at the moment?


  1. Pretty color! :) Reminds me of the Tiffany & Co. box :D

  2. Australis is my favourite brand of nail polish... I find it gets the best coverage with one coat! and so cheap!


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