Friday, 14 September 2012

Month of Squee

So lately I have been doing a LOT of job applications. I am also looking at my options for rural positions as well as moving interstate but the next couple of months will reveal what happens for me.

Anyway, you would think that after hours and hours of writing cover letters about how great I am, and what I fantastic employee I would make, I would be feeling pretty great about myself. After all, positive affirmation is key to confidence and self-esteem. Well no. I feel tired, worthless and pathetic. Job hunting and making job applications is draining to say the least. I feel like every resume I send out takes a piece of my heart and soul away with it and I'm not sure how much I have left in me. <-- dramatic moment. 

Feeling this way I decided to do a post on a couple of things that have been keeping me happy recently despite the struggles. Little 'squees' and big 'squees' if you will. Don't worry, I won't sit here and brag about how wonderful my boyfriend is and how great my friends are, even if they are always forefront in helping me through the tough times.

New IKEA catalogue, yayy!! I was so happy to get this in the mail recently. I love flicking through and deciding upon things I really need, things I kinda need, things I don't really need, and things I definitely don't need. (It doesn't matter which category I put the things in, I end up buying EVERYTHING! IKEA is deadly!) For example, I really need a new quilt cover set as mine is quite torn up. I kinda need new pillows, as a couple of mine are looking a bit yellow inside their cases. I don't really need a new bed frame with awesome shelves on the head and super-fantastic hidden pull-out compartments underneath. And I definitely don't need a "SLARGFHARST" carrot-man plush toy, but hey, it's IKEA, and since when does anyone go to IKEA for things they just really need.

Play sessions with the ferret-man Ace always cheers me up. He is such a crazy boof! He gets so excited when he is jumping around going crazy he'll often bump into or fall off something in his crazy dance. He is not normally allowed inside but when I took him out today he darted through the door and started going crazy so I took some shots before I promptly lead him back outside.

Two of my very talented friends recently wrote two separate plays for children and they cast me in both of them! These performances will go up in two weeks for the school holidays at a local community theatre so I am keeping very busy learning my lines and practising my singing and dancing once again!

This is a photo and two of my girls last weekend at 'Lost Society', a great little bar in the city of Perth. I think we look a bit like Charlie's Angels here don't you? It was such a great night getting the VIP treatment with our own private retreat and free cocktails all around! Might I just add that the bar staff at this place are fantastic and amazingly talented and creative. Definitely a place to try out and keep coming back. Looking forward to visiting 'Lost Society' to check out the daytime atmosphere! (By the way, on my lips I am wearing MAC Vegas Volt but somewhere along the night something went wrong. I think my lips were still burning red from the curry we had at a restaurant before drinking!)

I am getting a lot of relief work all of a sudden so will be keeping quite busy for now, especially as the job applications keep piling up *sigh*. If for whatever reason you are just feeling physically and/or emotionally tired like me at the moment, no matter how hard it may seem, just try to focus on some of the good things around you. There WILL be something.

50 followers, wohoo! One more thing to cheer me up! Thank you everyone for all your support, it really means a lot for me and my fresh little blog! xxx


  1. Great blog ;*
    I follow you, can you follow me back?

  2. I love Ikea, the store is so much fun! I remember when I was younger getting into one of the wardrobes and then when i got out again I could of sworn I was in a different place and got totally lost :/ ha. Aw cute ferret! Their such fun animals aren't they? I've been brought up with my Grandad having them :) And you and your friends look lovely. Sounds like you had a great night out.
    Don't worry about the job thing, I know exactly how your feeling right now. But trust me it will all pay off in the end and your be feeling amazing :) So best of luck.
    Have followed your blog by the way, I just happened to stumble across it, and it seemed like a very interesting read.

    Love Becky xxx

    1. Your comments got sent to the spam box by blogger and I had to save them! whatthe?! Thanks so much for having a look :-) Yeah everyone keeps telling me the right job will happen at the right time *sigh* I just hope its soon!

    2. I know it was playing up when I clicked save and had to get a verification code sent to me :/ weird! And don't worry I know exactly how you feel right now, I'm searching for a new job at the moment, i've got an interview this Thursday :D xx


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